Managing your campaigns


  • Legal advice and ARPP notices
  • Deliveries to advertising agencies and follow-up on media plans
  • Creative adaptations for all media
  • Multilingual adaptations and international distribution
  • Support for multi-channel sponsorship campaigns

Consult and download

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Legal advice and follow-up upstream of projects – requests for final opinions

Management of all exchanges with ARPP for traditional TV and IPTV advertising

Direct contact with channels’ legal departments for TV sponsorship approvals


Coordination between the media agency and the advertising network based on the validated media plan

100% secure PAD delivery on all TV and digital platforms

Guaranteed compliance with broadcast instructions

Performance tracking – Mydiff updates


Formats adapted to Replay and segmented TV deployment

Design and production of specific formats for display and social media

Adaptation of all your classic advertising campaigns into billboards for TV sponsorship


Adaptation and ARPP or equivalent validation of all your concepts, messages or promotions from or to France

Integrated image/sound production capacity for fast, reliable 100% turnkey adaptations

Complete management and tracking of your broadcasts in France and abroad

Multi-channel sponsorship

Design and production of specific 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12-second TV sponsorship formats based on your elements

Legal follow-up with advertising agencies

Variations of all voice-overs for delivery to all channels at any time

Processes to deliver in record time